Aerial picture of the lots and studios

  1. samad ali

    im a doctor living in iraq i want to buy one of this apartment could u tell me plz how i can buy one of this apartments
    would u kindly send to me your mobile number to contact you

  2. con

    May you please explain your prices in more depth. Are they once off, monthly, etc. Is there an outright price? What are the main rules for this timeshare?

  3. Manolis

    Είμαι κάτοικος Αυστραλίας και με ενδιαφέρει η αγορά ενός στουντιο.
    Θα μπορούσα να έχω κάποια σχέδια αναλυτικά με τιμές .

  4. Fran

    Where can we call for more info

  5. Dimitrios

    How I will know what I get and where to go
    How much is the monthly payments

  6. chrysoula gitsoulis

    can you please send me info on the price of a studio and the rental of a studio. thanks, chrysoula