Various designs, the construction phases, property description, schedule and plans.

60 beachfront lots, 350 m² each, are being developed separately, each lot accommodating (1) two story building which will house two identical deluxe suites.

Find us and be the first to enjoy this journey connecting past and present with the future!

All Greeks abroad are invited to join this unique opportunity in the homeland, enjoy luxurious vacations, meet other Greeks that live not  only in Greece but all over the world, discover their routes and make a secure investment in a waterfront property.

Hellenic Waterfront Resort

One of the best place to stay in Greece.We proudly present our Community Resort

that is going to be built on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Aegean sea. It is luxury designed just for you.

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Join us to build Hellenic Resorts

All of us at some point in our lives dreamed about obtaining our own beach house and since we are Greeks, strongly connected with the roots and the ancestral land, we yearn for our own corner in the Greek countryside where we could rest all our problems for the sea to wash away and the hot sun to vaporize.

The Hellenic Resorts is a distinctive idea that has been developed by 2nd and 3rd generation Greek-Americans who love to spend their vacations in their homeland with people who share the same values and traditions. They can enjoy the trips to the motherland as often as they like without having the expense of purchasing a second home or staying in an expensive hotel.

The Hellenic Resort has been designed to have a small town atmosphere, where neighbors can come together and unwind on the peaceful shore of the Aegean Sea, overlooking the majestic mountain landscape, while their children play safely nearby. The main goal is also to give Greek-American families the opportunity to reconnect with their heritage and rich history.


Enjoy the benefits of Vacation Ownership   

    A holiday home on a beautiful Greek beach is for many a dream but with  “Hellenic Villa Waterfront Resort” it is a dream which can easily be turned into a very affordable reality.

“Hellenic Villa” is a new waterfront luxury development and resort for one bedroom suites, three-bedroom villas with or without basement and five bedroom villas situated in the southeast of the Greek Island Evoia by the shore of the vivid Aegean Sea.

The white exteriors of the villas, nestled in a quiet garden setting, will provide a brilliant contrast to the adjacent deep blue Aegean Sea. The exquisite views of the sea and adjacent mountains can be enjoyed year-round from the villas, gardens and swimming pools.

The villas are the perfect choice for unwinding under the warmth of the Aegean sun in a quiet and peaceful setting that will restore the soul. Though off the beaten track and restfully secluded, a nearby shopping area, two tavern-restaurants, and a church are all available no further than the neighboring village of Potami. The town of Karystos, offers all the amenities of a small town only 45 minutes away.

Immediately adjacent to the site of the Villas is a small taverna and upon completion of their construction a proprietary shared community club will be added to the site.


Investment Opportunity in the Hellenic Villas

  • Waterfront: Millions of Americans dream of enjoying the lifestyle offered by owning waterfront property.  Of course, the appeal of such locations usually puts ownership of waterfront property well out of the financial reach of most.
  • Double: The cost of a waterfront home in  is typically double that of an otherwise comparable home at an inland location.
  • Inherent value of waterfront locations:  A waterfront location provides inherent value regardless of real estate market fluctuations, which is exactly why professional real estate investors are ever-ready to seize the day when it comes to waterfront investment opportunities.
  • Strong growth opportunity for initial investors:  The low entry price places initial investors ahead of the curve in ability to obtain an exceptional return on investment upon resale.



Rental of the Villas in Greece’s consistently strong tourist market makes them an ideal accretive investment for purchasers intending to use them as a vacation property. Similar three-bedroom waterfront properties with swimming pools often realize a summertime rate of 400€ per day. Similar one bedroom suites with swimming pool could be rented 200€ a day. Even if rented out for only slightly more than six months of the year the one-bedroom suites could realize 20,000€ in gross annual rental income and the three bedroom villas with swimming pools could be rented to 40,000 a year.



Passed to your Children: Hellenic Villas’ ownership structure provides complete investment, legal and tax benefits of property ownership and these benefits are passed on to you, or your children or grandchildren, and may be sold at any time. For only a €35,000 investment your family can receive an annual return of €6,000 every year for as long you, your children and their families or your grand-children retain ownership.

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